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The helm is led by the third-generation president of "Higashiyama Syuraku," which is managed by "Sake no Iinamiya," a sake shop that has been operating since 1951. It all started when the first generation, Toyoo Inamiya, who had worked for the long-established sake brewery Nakamura Shuzo in Kanazawa, decided to start his own sake shop. The store was located in the bustling district of Katamachi, the most lively area in the Hokuriku region. It began as a wholesaler primarily supplying sake to the restaurants and eateries in this area.

The shop's catchphrase is "Sake of the World." At the time of its founding, imported sake was very expensive, and there were very few shops dealing with it. To differentiate themselves, they made the wide selection of "worldly sake" their selling point. With the increase in Japanese income, interest in foreign alcohol grew, and "Sake no Iinamiya" became a trusted source of information about "sake of the world."

In 2009, Masahide Inamiya took over as the third-generation president. "Powerful No.1 Sake Shop" was added as a new catchphrase. It embodies their commitment to support restaurants as a wholesale alcohol distributor.

"Higashiyama Syuraku," which sells Ishikawa sake in Higashi Chaya District, opened its doors in 2014. The impetus came from Tatsuya Asano, the president of Hakuichi Co., Ltd., known for its gold leaf crafts and enthusiastic about revitalizing Kanazawa's town, who recommended opening a store from the perspective of promoting tourism.

One of the notable features of "Higashiyama Syuraku" is undoubtedly its extensive selection. It is said that there are over 1000 varieties of Japanese sake in Ishikawa Prefecture. Inside the store, approximately 120 varieties of Japanese sake, selected through tastings by President Inamiya and the staff, are displayed. More than half of these are seasonal or limited edition products, so the product lineup changes frequently, allowing customers to discover new sake each time they visit.

Initially, they only dealt with Japanese sake, but in Ishikawa Prefecture, a variety of other alcoholic beverages are also produced. Therefore, they now also offer plum wine, beer, wine, and shochu, with gin and whiskey set to be added soon.

The second feature is the ability to enjoy sake inside the store. There is a standing drinking corner and a relaxed tatami room. Customers can enjoy various activities such as tasting for selecting souvenirs, comparing different sakes, and chatting with the staff. Additionally, a variety of Ishikawa Prefecture-produced snacks are available.

The third feature is the sale of original Japanese sake. They sell sake that they particularly liked during tastings at sake breweries, purchasing entire tanks of it, or sake made according to specifications provided to trusted breweries. Currently, their lineup includes seven types of sake, two types of shochu, and two types of plum wine. They ensure that each type has its own unique taste profile, such as dryness, richness, balance, and smoothness, catering to a variety of customer preferences.

To expand knowledge and appreciation for Japanese sake, they also host various events such as sake tasting competitions and seasonal Japanese sake contests. The coverage area of the "Powerful No.1 Sake Shop" seems to be expanding from supporting restaurants to supporting Ishikawa Prefecture's sake breweries.

President Shigehide Inami

Higashiyama Syuraku

Higashiyama Syuraku

It cannot be generalized, but one of the overall characteristics of Ishikawa Prefecture's sake is its suitability for enjoying with meals. Its aroma is gentle and does not interfere with the flavors of dishes. Although there are many dry varieties, some may taste sweet when actually consumed. This is due to the abundance of umami components derived from rice and various amino acids, enhancing the delicacy of fine cuisine.

Furthermore, there are many types of sake made using a fermentation method called "yamahai," which involves longer fermentation than usual. These sakes have a tangy flavor complexity, making them ideal companions for flavorful dishes.

Higashiyama Syuraku

The drinking and dining space is a must-visit. Craft beer is popular in the summer, but throughout the year, ordering tasting sets is overwhelmingly more common. Depending on the season, the store always offers 5 to 8 cost-effective sets for tasting. On the other hand, customers can also enjoy various drinking styles, such as savoring rare aged sake that is 10 to 20 years old.

We welcome not only sake enthusiasts but also those who are not fond of sake. With a diverse selection of Japanese sake and staff who listen to customers' needs face-to-face, you are sure to find a sake that suits you.

We also offer "Japanese Traditional Energy Drinks" such as amazake, so even those who cannot drink alcohol can enjoy a relaxing moment during their travels.

Our aim is not just to sell or serve sake. We want to be a destination that travelers aim to visit when they come to Kanazawa. We would be delighted if our store becomes a place where customers engage in sake discussions, seek advice to find their ideal sake, enjoy lively conversations, and foster connections. Foreign visitors are also warmly welcomed. We have staff proficient in foreign languages and others who may struggle but are dedicated to providing the best hospitality using gestures and expressions.

I often join in sake discussions myself. If you come to Kanazawa, please be sure to stop by.


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