"INSPICE" is a spice brand created by two childhood friends from Kanazawa. In 2022, they renovated a 100 years old Machiya (traditional townhouse) in the Higashi Chaya District and opened a flagship store. The store also has a café booth, filled with flavorful aroma.

"INSPICE" was born out of the passion for cooking of Sho Nishimura. He was formerly running an IT company and also an enthusiast of cooking. He would host as many as 70 dinner parties a year, constantly trying out menus to entertain and surprise his guests. Nishimura became especially drawn to spices and herbs, which he believes to be essential in order to make each dish memorable.

With countless spices and herbs from around the world, the combinations are limitless. Even a slight difference in quantity can alter the taste. Nishimura felt excitement and curiosity like a child, imagining the possibilities of different blends of spices and herbs. His passion to share this joy with others led to the founding of INSPICE. He teamed up with his childhood friend, Naoya Yonesugi, who was an energetic salesperson.

Their first product was chai. They could not forget the taste, flavor, and invigorating sensation they felt upon the first sip of spiced tea. However, when they attempted to make a commercial product, they faced many questions about the definition of chai, why certain spices were used, and when to add tea leaves and water. After dispelling all doubts, they decided to leave conventions behind and take their own approach toward simplicity. Focusing on essential spices and herbs, they took out spices and herbs they found unnecessary, even if they are included in the traditional recipes. Currently, their products include curry, cocoa, and various blends of spices for savory dishes.

Their approach remains consistent: use absolutely essential spices only and let go of everything else. Such an approach resonates with Kanazawa’s artisanship and tea ceremony culture, characterized by the aesthetic of simplicity and refinement. Their product was highly acclaimed as “a brand from Kanazawa,” attracting not only Japanese customers but also increasing international customers.

Message from
the Store Manager

Our concept is to inspire people through spices, and to offer products that bring joy, happiness, and deliciousness to everyday life. We explore plants from various regions worldwide to source spices and herbs, employing innovative blending techniques to create products. We are committed to use additive-free ingredients to bring you delicious dishes that bring joy to both your heart and body.

We do not use chili peppers (in curry) or salt (in curry and savory spice dishes) since preferences vary among individuals and some might have dietary restrictions. Customers can adjust the spiciness and saltiness as they prefer. We also provide various recipes to assist customers with the use of spices and herbs. If you have any questions about spices and herbs, please feel free to ask.

The store is located in the Higashi Chaya District of Kanazawa, where tradition and innovation meet. We hope that both locals and people from around the world would casually visit us and encounter the start of "joyful, happy, and delicious days." We also have a café space, please drop by when you visit Kanazawa.


Shop Name
1-10-2 Higashiyama, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0831
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Business Hours
10:00 AM – 4:30 PM
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Closed on Wednesdays