A new summer tradition “Kanazawa Asanokawaen Yukai Shiraito Kawadoko”

From July 27th (Thursday) to August 13th (Sunday), 2020, the ``Kanazawa Asanokawaen Yukai Shiraito Kawadoko'' was held on the left bank of the Asano River, on the Kazuemachi side. Kazuemachi is one of the three teahouse districts in Kanazawa. It is an elegant town with cobblestone streets lined with restaurants and teahouses.

I visited on August 7th (Monday). In the afternoon, we were hit with heavy rain like a squall, and I was worried that the riverbed would form, but I was relieved that it did clear up. By the way, in case of rain, the event will be held at a Japanese restaurant. That's interesting.

The capacity on the day I attended was 45 people, including 5 geishas. The fee is 15,000 yen. Meals are Shokado bento boxes, and drinks are all-you-can-drink. Sometimes a geisha comes to serve drinks. When it gets dark, the geisha dances and performances begin. A pleasant river breeze blows in, giving you an indescribably elegant feeling.

Meals will be provided by four long-established local restaurants, and tea shops will take turns in arranging the geisha. The contents of the meals vary slightly depending on the restaurant, so it's no wonder that some people participate every day.

Shiraito Kawadoko was born in 2006. Although it is quite recent, each year it has become more dignified through various innovations, the number of fans has increased all over the country, and it seems that it is becoming a summer tradition that everyone looks forward to.

Note: The opening date for next year's reservations for "Kanazawa Asanokawaen Yukai Shiraito Kawadoko" has not yet been determined.
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