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Kanazawa Asanogawa Enyukai Hall

Living National Treasure Oba Matsuo Furoshiki Kaga dyed

Living National Treasure Oba Matsuo Furoshiki Kaga dyed

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Living National Treasure Matsuo Ohba's motif from his later years "enko", has been made into a furoshiki using Kaga dyeing. It's large at 90cm x 90cm, so you can stylishly wrap sake, wine, etc.

  • Size: 90cm x 90cm
  • Material: cotton
  • Color: navy blue

Matsuo Oba (1916~2012) Lacquer artist

Old lacquer ware
Born in Moriyama, Kanazawa City, Japan Learned lacquer ware from his father, Wakichiro.
Later studied under Matsuda Gonroku, a professor of Tokyo Art School.
He was engaged in the production of the sacred treasures for the 59th - 61st Ise Jingu Shikinen Sengu, and also worked as a repair technician for the national treasure Chuson-ji Konjikido, and revived the "Heibun" technique, which flourished in the Nara period and then declined.

In 1982, he was designated a "Living National Treasure."
Work overview Size 90×90 Kaga dyeing

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