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Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat Japanese Pattern

Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat Japanese Pattern

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Diatomaceous earth is popular for its excellent water absorption ability. Diatomaceous earth is the deposited shells of phytoplankton called diatoms, which are found in all oceans, rivers, and lakes. Diatomaceous earth has countless holes, so it not only absorbs water quickly but also dries quickly, preventing the growth of bacteria.

"Diatomaceous earth bath mat" was born from the encounter between the rich blessings of nature and Kaga Yuzen, which values ​​natural beauty . The pattern uses Kaga Yuzen's ``stencil dyeing'' technique.

The cherry blossoms are an image of cherry blossoms in full bloom, making you feel the arrival of spring.
The Saaya pattern is a traditional pattern that symbolizes the wish for the prosperity of the family.

  • Size: approx. 34 x 43cm
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