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Dish Symphony No.3《Replacement/flavoring powder & sticker》

Dish Symphony No.3《Replacement/flavoring powder & sticker》

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Product features

For refills. This is a package that delivers only the flavoring powder of "Dish Symphony No.3". Please purchase it to refill the original aluminum container that usually comes with the package or the container you already have. You can use it as you like, such as by pasting it on your containers or tools around the kitchen.

“Additive-free” flavoring blended with 10 types of spices and herbs
Click here for the “Dish Symphony No.3” product page

Internal capacity
expiration date
12 months after manufacture (as stated on the package)
Preservation method
Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight and places with high temperature and humidity.
raw materials
Manguette, star anise, green pepper, red pepper, fennel, cloves, Cassia, cumin, coriander, peppermint
Nutritional information <1 pack (20g)
Energy 66kcal / Carbohydrate 9.2g Protein 2.2g / Fat 2.3g / Salt equivalent 0.02g
Allergens (27 items)
Not used
How to use
Please transfer this product to the original aluminum container or your own container.
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