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Kanazawa Brewery

¥495 JPY (tax included)

GINGER LIQUOR ¥495 JPY (tax included)

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1本あたり:¥495 JPY(税込)

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Please choose either room temperature products or fresh (refrigerated) products.

This ginger-flavored gluten-free sparkling alcoholic beverage is made by using rice syrup as a substitute for malt, flavoring it with ginger, and fermenting it with yeast. It has a strong ginger flavor, but also a refreshing finish. This sparkling alcoholic beverage made with ginger has a connection to Kanazawa City, home to the only ginger shrine in Japan, Hajikami Shrine.

Regarding [Room temperature products] and [Fresh (refrigerated) products]:
For our standard products, we usually ship products that have been pasteurized and can be stored at room temperature. Some products are also available as fresh draft beer (requires refrigeration) that has not been pasteurized. Although there will be an additional charge for refrigerated delivery in addition to the regular shipping fee, this will make the product taste even better.

*The expiration date for fresh products (which must be kept refrigerated) is shorter.
* Room temperature products and fresh (refrigerated) products cannot be shipped together. If they are ordered at the same time, shipping fees for room temperature and refrigerated products will be charged separately.

Gluten-free alcoholic drinks
Alcohol content
Materials and ingredients
Rice syrup, starch syrup, ginger, yeast

Please note:
Drinking alcohol under the age of 20 is prohibited by law.

If the delivery address is overseas, the purchased item may not be delivered due to regulations and restrictions at the importing country. If it is found that the item cannot be delivered before it is shipped, we will process a full refund. However, if the item has already arrived at the importing country and it is found that it cannot be delivered at the time of import customs clearance, please note that there will be no refund.

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